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Sequencing Only Projects: Available Platforms

Please note:

  • Single-End Reads are listed in the table above. For Paired-End reads, please double the number of reads per flowcell type. ie: NovaSeq6000 S4 kit gets ~20 billion PE reads
  • SP, S1, and S2 flowcells technically have 2 lanes on each flowcell, while the S4 flowcells have 4, however, all are treated as one lane since the final library is equally dispersed across all lanes. *unless split using an XP lane split kit at an additional cost
  • The number of reads is an estimate, and can be higher or lower based on library prep factors and clustering.
  • We do NOT sell partial lanes of sequencing; all sequencing only projects will be billed in full lane increments.

MiSeq Data Sheet
NextSeq500/550 Data Sheet
NovaSeq6000 Data Sheet
NovaSeqX Plus Data Sheet