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Sequencing Only Projects: Submitting Samples

Submission Form:

Once a quote is received and signed, please email to receive the Submission Form that needs to be filled out and emailed back, prior to sample drop-off or delivery.

Please follow the guidelines for submission in the Getting Started section.

Please only submit samples in 1.5mL – 2.0mL tubes with snap-caps or screw caps!

Details on Required Sample Information:

  • Please avoid naming samples 1, 2, 3 etc. and include a unique identifier in order for us to keep better track of your sample.
  • The molarity of your final submission, whether that be individual libraries or a pool. Please use something more accurate than a Nanodrop, like qPCR for example.
  • The read length for your sequencing run. (PE25 = 50 cycles, SE50 = 50 cycles).
  • The number of base pairs in your index sequence. (ie. +8,+8+8,+10,+10+10)
  • The actual index sequences, listed in the forward orientation, and what samples they correspond to. We use this to demultiplex your libraries. Please list on a new page or attach a separate file.
  • The required primer type. If using custom primers (non-Illumina),please provide them at 100uM.
  • The type of molecule (RNA, genome) or specialized prep (ChIP-seq, ATAC-seq) we will be sequencing.