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Library Construction & Sequencing: Library Prep

The Northwest Genomics Center (NWGC) has extensive experience in exome, RNA, whole genome, and custom library preparations. Our automated, high-throughput methods allow us to process hundreds of samples per week without sacrificing the quality and precision of results. All samples are subject to quality control testing at multiple stages to monitor sample integrity.


Exome sequencing libraries are constructed using the KAPA HTP Library Preparation kit and captured using the Twist Biosciences Human Core Exome supplemented with additional probes selected by the NWGC to robustly cover all regions of the exome.

RNA Seq:

The NWGC commonly uses TruSeq Stranded mRNA Library Prep Kits, however we have the capacity to prepare samples using many other RNA kits to meet your needs.

Whole Genome Sequencing:

The NWGC uses KAPA Hyper PCR-Free Library Preparation Kits for whole genome sequencing.

Custom Target:

The NWGC works with investigators to design and synthesize custom panels with Twist Biosciences.

Low Input:

For low input DNA samples, the NWGC utilizes KAPA HTP Library Preparation Kits.