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Genotyping Only Projects: Genotyping Arrays


Illumina microarray kits offer a variety of targeted content and genomic coverage to enable identification of a variety of disease-specific and population-specific targets. This allows for expanded genomic coverage for genome-wide association studies, identification of specific sets of targeted SNPs and methylation profiling. Some of the more common array kits include:

  • Global Screening Array:
  • Global Diversity Array:
  • Human OmniExpress:
  • Human Omni 2.5:
  • Human OmniExpress + Exome:

For a full list of available Infinium Microarrays, please visit the Illumina website:


The Illumina Infinium MethylationEPIC kit offers the ability to detect 850,000 methylation sites quantitatively across the genome at single-nucleotide resolution. This high throughput assay enables genome-wide coverage of CpG sites, differentially methylated sites, enhancers, promoters and genes, suitable for epigenome-wide association studies. We use the Illumina-recommended ZYMO Research EZ-96 DNA Methylation kit to perform bisulfite conversion prior to the Infinium assay.

For more information on this array kit, please visit:


TaqMan OpenArray gene expression assays are performed using the Thermo Fisher QuantStudio 12k Flex rt-PCR with the AccuFill System. Thermo Fisher has 4.5 million pre-designed genotyping assays to choose from, with the flexibility to create custom OpenArray plates, designed to fit your project needs.

For a full description of the Thermo Fisher OpenArray technologies, please visit: