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Genotyping Only Projects: Data Delivery

Your data will be released by the project manager when all genotyping is complete. The files released are dependent on the type of genotyping performed. You will be able to access your results using Globus. For more information about Data Delivery, click here.


Custom genotyping reports are generated based on your project needs. Samples are analyzed using Illumina GenomeStudio software. Standard report options including SNP name, call rate, allele position, and chromosome location, with many custom options available.

In addition to a custom genotyping report, raw data including red and green idat files for each sample and array can be released.


Array sample controls are analyzed using the Illumina BeadArray Controls Reporter Software and analysis is performed using Illumina GenomeStudio software. Project release data includes red and green idat files for each sample.


Custom SNP TaqMan assay analysis is complete using the TaqMan Genotyper Software. Standard report options including Assay name/ID, call, chromosome # and position, with many custom options available. Data is released in .txt or .xml formats.

**Only data from passing samples will be included in the final report.