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Sample Prep & Sequencing: Next Generation Sequencing

The NWGC utilizes Illumina sequencing instruments, which employ sequencing by synthesis technology. This method of sequencing allows for massive parallel sequencing to take place in an efficient and cost effective manner.

The NWGC currently operates:

  • MiSeqs
  • NextSeq500
  • HiSeq 2500 capable of Rapid Run and version 4 chemistry
  • HiSeq 4000s featuring patterned flow cells
  • HiSeq Xs featuring patterned flow cells
PlatformReads per Lane*Max Read LengthLanes per flow cellRun Time
MiSeq~10 millionup to PE25011-2 Days
HiSeq 2500 (V4)~210 millionup to PE125**84-5 Days
HiSeq 4000~340 millionup to PE150**82-3 Days
HiSeq X~400 millionPE15183 Days
NextSeq~400 millionup to PE15011-2 Days
Rapid Run~150 millionup to PE250**21-2 Days

* Number of reads is an estimate, and can be higher or lower based on library prep factors and clustering

** These instruments are only run as PE75 unless you purchase an entire flow cell