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Genotyping Only: How to Submit Samples

Below is the step by step process for getting your samples into our pipeline for sequencing or genotyping. Please review these steps carefully and if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask.

1) Sample Requirements: Specific requirements vary by assay, but we ask for at least 15 ul of sample at 50 ng/ul.

2) Email a project manager with details regarding your project which should include:

  • Number of samples
  • Sample preparation methods (i.e. extraction methods, quantification assays, etc.)
  • Sequencing preferences
  • Final data format expectations
  • Deadlines

3) Once this information is discussed and reviewed, the project manager will send you a copy of the manifest and sample submission instructions. The sample submission document provides detailed descriptions of

  • What information columns are required to fill out on the manifest
  • Shipping instructions
  • Overall project workflow
  • Information about our QC process and DNA submission parameters.

4) Fill out the manifest with all the required information and send it the project manager. Once it is processed in our system, we will send the corresponding barcoded plasticware for the samples to be plated. The samples should be plated exactly how they are laid out on the manifest.