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Genotyping Only: Frequently Asked Questions

What happens to samples that fail QC?

Samples that fail QC are not eligible to proceed. A single sample may be excluded from the project or in cases where the failing sample is critical to the analysis (i.e. the proband in a trio) the entire family will be excluded.

I’ve received notification that one or more of my samples has failed QC?

If a clerical error on the manifest has caused the sample to fail the sex check, you may notify the NWGC of the need to correct a manifest. If a sample has failed due to a sex conflict or due to insufficient concentration, you may submit a replacement sample by filling out a new manifest describing the replacement sample. Submission of replacement samples will delay the release of data for your project.

In what format will I receive my results?

Our project managers will work with you to generate a custom final report for your samples. Raw data files may also be sent.